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One Degree News Brief … October 23, 2017

Twitter’s Longer Tweet Format Gets a Qualified Thumbs-Up

Is a longer tweet a better tweet?
Twitter recently allowed a limited number of users to double the number of characters permitted per tweet to 280—hardly an epic length, but still a significant change for the ultra-short-form social platform. In announcing the change in late September, Twitter said company research showed that users were frustrated by the 140-character limit. If the test is a success, it will get a full rollout.
Morning Consult surveyed US internet users about the change this month and found a generally positive response, with those who expressed support clearly outweighing those who did not. Younger users, in particular, were supportive, with 41% of respondents ages 18 to 29 having at least a somewhat positive reaction to the change, and just 14% expressing reservations.

Google maps out moons and planets across the Solar System

Google Maps is both amazing and a little terrifying at times. Starting from your own front porch, close enough to read the numbers on the letterbox, you can then zoom right out to see your neighborhood, then the suburb, city, state, country, and eventually the entire planet with a quick scroll of a mouse wheel. Not content to just map out almost every corner of the Earth, Google has now added the ability to explore 12 other worlds in our little corner of the galaxy.

Improve your web output, enhance your client uptake

When it comes to Canadian brokerages leading the advancement of digital marketing, you probably don’t expect a small-town Ontario broker to be pushing the boundaries in web management.
So it will likely come as a surprise that Excalibur Insurance Group – a brokerage headquartered in tiny Clinton, ON, is way ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging web marketing to harness insurance sales. But, quite simply, that is the reality of the situation.

Bell Media Studios and Motion Content Group Announce First Co-Productions DOG TALES RESCUE and WHERE TO I DO?

CANNES, Oct. 18, 2017 /CNW/ – Bell Media Studios and Motion Content Group confirmed from MIPCOM today that production is underway on their first two series, DOG TALES RESCUE and WHERE TO I DO?. The two new productions are a result of the recent announcement of a strategic development and production partnership to create a slate of original programs for international markets.
“We’re delighted to kick off our partnership with Motion Content Group with two incredibly engaging projects,” said Nanci MacLean, Vice-President and Head, Bell Media Studios. “Through this partnership and these inaugural productions we are actively delivering on our mandate, to develop, finance, and produce new programming for international distribution.
Tony Moulsdale, Global Director of Programming, Motion Content Group said “Our partnership with Bell is a collaboration that starts with finding shows that work for their channels. A new take on weddings in WHERE TO I DO? and great stories in DOG TALES RESCUE do exactly that.”

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