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In the news … June 15, 2018


New federal cyber strategy skirts questions of security vs. privacy

Canada’s much anticipated cyber security strategy, released Tuesday, has exposed one of the key problems facing the federal government in the digital age.
The strategy warns of the need for better encryption to safeguard data — particularly against the lightning advances of quantum computing.
But it also places an extraordinary emphasis on increased national security and combating an explosion in cyber crime, which often stymies authorities by exploiting some of the best encryption available.

How emerging technologies fit into digital strategies

Manufacturers should be investing in, or at least exploring, the Internet of Things and industrial automation, among other technologies, according to Microsoft partner Columbus, which sets out a ‘Manufacturing 2020’ strategy in a new report.


Are independent brokerages in Canada adopting digital technology?

While independent brokerages in four countries (including Canada) are not fully embracing digital technology in 2018, Canadian brokerages are showing an increased adoption of cloud hosting, according to a new annual report from software vendor Applied Systems.
Applied released Tuesday the results of its 3rd annual Applied Digital Brokerage Survey, which found that the average digital technology adoption rate at an independent brokerage in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland was 44%. This number, based on participation of more than 1,300 independent agencies and brokerages, was the exact same as last year, “meaning a significant opportunity remains for agencies and brokerages to fully embrace digital technology,” Applied said in a press release.

How to measure a multi-channel marketing strategy

Multi-channel marketing can be a great opportunity for your company’s success, but what’s the best way to measure its success across the different channels?
It’s not enough nowadays to promote your brand in one channel if you want to maximize your brand’s exposure. Marketers know that a successful digital strategy involves a combined use of multiple channels to reach the target audience.
Multi-channel marketing can bring new opportunities for your company, but you also need to be able to measure its performance. What’s the best way to analyze your efforts across all channels?

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