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What Innovators Do

Kristopher Roller

Consider the differences:
1. Some people see a trend and see a threat. Innovators see the same trend, and see an opportunity.
2. Some people tend to focus on past failures with sadness or disgust. Innovators look at the same failures and analyze them to figure out what to do better next time.
3. Some people hear an oddball idea, and say, “that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.” Innovators hear the same idea, and think “Interesting! What a great idea!“

Innovators thrive in a massive world of constant, never-ending swirling ideas.

4. Some people seek solace from others in order to avoid controversy. Innovators seek out groups of people to grab, share and get feedback on new ideas
5. Some people wish that everything around them would just stay the same. Innovators are eager to change everything they can.
6. Some people think that progress is great, and that’s gone on way too long. Innovators thrive on the opportunity and challenge what tomorrow brings.
7. Some people tend to hang out in peer groups that mimic their behaviour. Innovators bounce around among different peer groups, seeking the innovation oxygen that different opinions bring to the world.
8. Some people would react, “it won’t work,” when confronted with a new and radical idea. Innovators immediately set out to figure out to make the oddball idea a home run hit.
9. Some people prefer to study an issue to death until they can make a decision. Innovators look at the same issue, and say, “let’s do it now!”
10. Some people like to keep their world perspective small. Innovators thrive in a massive world of constant, never-ending swirling ideas.
I believe life, a successful life, is all about perception. And as they say … perception is reality!

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