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In the news … August 27, 2018

Meet the little-known group inside of Google that’s fighting terrorists and trolls all across the web

On Patricia Georgiou’s first day at Google-parent company Alphabet, she went to the office, grabbed her employee badge, and ran right back out to the airport for a trip to Iraq to interview terrorists.
She was thrilled.
“I spent one week in Kurdistan interviewing ISIS defectors: former ISIS fighters who went to the caliphate to become suicide bombers,” she told Business Insider.

Testing Apple’s new Screen Time parental controls: First came tears, then frustration

“Don’t set the time limit. I can be reasonable!” pleads 9-year-old Tazio, looking up from his iPad.
It’s not always fun owning an iPad that a parent can remotely shut off. Also not easy: Trying to parent via new digital “Screen Time” controls.
Coming soon to an iPad or iPhone near you, Apple’s iOS 12 adds menus, buttons and bar charts to help monitor and control what kids (and adults) do with their devices. It’s a good thing that Apple, along with Amazon and Google, now acknowledge tech can be disruptive, if not addictive.

The Ultimate Online Safety Guide For Kids’ 1st Phones or Social Media Accounts

Parents are becoming increasingly concerned about their kids’ usage of smartphones and social media. That’s no surprise, considering the frequent reports of cyberbullying and online exploitation.
As ‘tweens and teens head back to school, many with their first smartphone or new social media accounts, it’s essential for parents to help kids navigate social media’s challenges.
Matthew Johnson, Director of Education at MediaSmarts: Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy stresses parents be involved in both their child’s cyber experiences, as well as their daily real lives. Open communication creates trust, so kids will confide in parents when they have questions or concerns.

Facebook Has Changed and Your Digital Strategy Has to Adjust

Back in July, Facebook announced the removal of Partners categories from its advertisement interface. It later extended the date to Aug. 15, giving digital marketers a few precious extra weeks to create, duplicate and edit previous campaigns from Non-Partners categories.
Facebook has other changes in the works, too, and several will take effect between now and the end of September. There are good reasons for the shuffling of features: The Cambridge Analytica fiasco exposed the social-media platform’s detailed targeting options and its sharing of personal information. The public revelations landed Facebook in hot water with users and brought scrutiny from Congress.

City of Vancouver wins national award for digital strategy

THE City of Vancouver was recognized Tuesday night at the 2018 IT World Canada Digital Transformation Conference and Awards Ceremony in Toronto, winning in the Large Public Sector Transformation category for its Digital Strategy.
Vancouver is the first city in Canada to develop and implement a digital strategy and the first to hire a Chief Digital Officer. The four-year strategy, implemented in 2013 has seen the City go from having low digital maturity relative to other global cities to now being a template and model for cities around the world looking to take their digital footprint to the next level.

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