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Monday Morning Briefing … December 10, 2018

Why are countries banning Huawei?

On Thursday, Canadian authorities arrested Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer (CFO) of Chinese tech company Huawei.
The details of the arrest are still unclear but Meng faces extradition to the United States, according to the Canadian Department of Justice.

Self-driving Cars Are Headed Toward An Ai Roadblock

If you believe the CEOs, a fully autonomous car could be only months away. In 2015, Elon Musk predicted a fully autonomous Tesla by 2018; so did Google. Delphi and MobileEye’s Level 4 system is currently slated for 2019, the same year Nutonomy plans to deploy thousands of driverless taxis on the streets of Singapore. GM will put a fully autonomous car into production in 2019, with no steering wheel or ability for drivers to intervene. There’s real money behind these predictions, bets made on the assumption that the software will be able to catch up to the hype.

Google wants to replace your radio as an audio news source

You’ll soon be able to listen to an audio news playlist curated by Google Assistant to inform you on the topics you’re interested in. Google’s latest Assistant feature uses artificial intelligence to help make these custom news bundles, and it’s available today for a limited number of users.

Trudeau Says Government Will Limit Gun Access As Polytechnique Victims Remembered

Fourteen beams of light shone into the night sky from Montreal’s Mount Royal Thursday evening in memory of the 14 women who died at the Ecole Polytechnique engineering school 29 years ago.
A crowd, which included Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, stood in silence atop the lookout as they attended a ceremony commemorating the victims killed on Dec. 6, 1989.

This company shifted to a four-day workweek–and it’s going great

For the last year and a half, every weekend has been a three-day weekend for employees at the small software company Wildbit in Philadelphia. The company, known for creating tools like Postmark, is one of the latest to experiment with a shorter workweek.

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