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In the news … January 11, 2019

Digital Marketing: What the Experts Expect Throughout 2019

In 2018, we saw exciting changes and innovations within the global marketing sector and it looks like 2019 is poised to be even more revolutionary. From focusing more on building strong, personable, local relationships to welcoming new technological developments, there are plenty of things to be excited about for the next 12 months in the wonderful world of marketing.

Let’s see what a few SEO experts have to say about the coming year.


How Robots Will Transform the C-Suite

Robots will play a critical role throughout the modern workforce. A recent PwC study (pdf) of 29 countries estimated that on average, the proportion of jobs at high risk of automation will be roughly 20 percent by the late 2020s, and 30 percent by the mid-2030s. For employees around the globe, such shifts could mean preparing to share space with robots as colleagues or learning new skills as robots take over the most repetitive or dangerous tasks.


The merging of e-commerce and marketing

The explosion of e-commerce around the world is changing how consumers shop, with subsequent implications for the way marketing teams work, as e-commerce needs to become an integral part of marketing and sales strategies.


Why Most Digital Transformations Will Fail

The engines of IT Marketing recently spun out a buzz phrase that’s now gaining vogue in many businesses: Digital Transformation. While the exact definition varies depending upon who is currently pushing it, the notion can be summarized roughly as follows:


A ‘Forever Version’ of Windows Claims the Market Share Crown

The December 2018 market share numbers are in from Net Applications and they reveal a major milestone for the IT industry. Windows 10 has a larger market share than any other desktop operating system version, including the previous king of all desktop OS versions, Windows 7. It’s a narrow but solid lead, with Windows 10 at 39.22% and Windows 7 at 36.9%. It brings Windows 10 on top for both of the most frequently cited platform trackers (Windows 10 took the lead with Statcounter in January 2018). Windows 10’s now undisputed lead in both major trackers tells us several things about the state of IT infrastructure.


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