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In the news … February 18, 2019

Canadian shoppers want more tech in stores, but with a human touch

In an ever-evolving, tech-driven ecommerce world, it’s hard to beat the convenience and simplicity of one-click, digital shopping. But when it comes to the brick and mortar retail experience, a new study is showing that while consumers are wanting more in-store mobile point-of-sale options, there’s a desire for an older, vintage tech – humans.


Five key elements of a winning digital strategy

The ability of a modern business to quickly solidify its position in the digital realm before its top competitors and execute a comprehensive digital strategy will mean the difference between long-term growth and a long-term struggle to stay competitive. It’s a digital world out there and no matter if you’re launching a brand-new company, joining a successful franchise or redefining core processes in an established firm, you need to have a digital strategy at hand.


Future of Google News in doubt as EU finalizes controversial copyright legislation

The EU Copyright Directive is well-intentioned, requiring tech giants to license the right to reproduce copyrighted material on their own websites. However, the legislation as originally proposed would have made it impossible for Google to display brief snippets and photos from news stories in its search results without paying the news sites.


Staples launches technology trade-in incentives program for Canadians

Staples Canada is initiating a ‘National Tech Trade-In’ program for all its stores around Canada. This includes smartphones, tablets, MacBooks or iMacs, which can be sent for recycling at any Staples locations in Canada. “Staples Canada has changed, and this program is one of many new initiatives that we’re bringing to our stores, as we become a more dynamic partner to our customers and the communities that we’re in,” said Staples Canada chief executive officer David Boone.

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How To Compete In A Winner-Takes-All Digital Global Economy

Digitalization, the growing use of digital technologies in the ways businesses interact with each other and with their customers and suppliers, has radically changed the rules of the market game in almost every industry.


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