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In the news … March 20, 2019

Glitch in new Presto app can shut down systems, Toronto man warns

Less than two months after the launch of the new Presto mobile app, a Toronto man is urging Metrolinx to correct an apparent glitch that he claims can shut down fare gates and card loading machines at subway stations.


Budget 2019 must build the digital future for health

Last fall a report from Canada’s Health and Biosciences Economic Strategy Table (HBEST) touted the tremendous role digital and data transformation will soon play in diagnosing and treating previously incurable or difficult-to-cure diseases. A strong digital ecosystem will allow Canada’s health providers to capitalize on these advances by targeting specific treatments to individual patients, developing more personalized approaches to health care through customized treatment plans and truly integrating our siloed health system.


‘Disruption’ most over used buzzword, says LinkedIn

Microsoft-owned job seeking platform LinkedIn has announced that the word “disruption” was the most over used industry buzzword.

Besides “disruption”, other buzzwords like “Cloud-based”, “value-add”, “scalable”, “authentic” and “bandwidth” also emerged as the most over-used industry buzzwords, according to LinkedIn’s list.


Encryption pioneer aims to end our data dilemma with cryptography’s holy grail

In 1984, Shafi Goldwasser, then a young professor at MIT, proposed a radical new idea in cryptography: that you could prove something was true without disclosing anything about it. The idea that would lay the framework for much of the cryptography we use today and eventually earn her the prestigious Nobel Prize of encryption, the Turing Award. More than 30 years later, she’s now a startup founder, with the aim of bringing a long-awaited approach to encryption out of the closet. “At some point it became clear that this theory, the mathematics, was efficient enough,” she says of the technique.


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