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One Degree Wednesday July 1 2020

9 Nudge Theory Examples to Reach Your Life, Career, and Savings Goals [Infographic]

Nudge theory is the concept that you can trick yourself into changing your habits through positive reinforcement and gentle suggestions. Rather than restricting your behaviors, you limit your exposure to bad influences or temptations, and overexpose yourself to positive ones. Basically, you trick your mind into doing something you may not have done otherwise.


Government of Canada and provinces implement digital business registration solution

The Government of Canada recognizes that connecting Canada’s different federal, provincial and territorial business registries will make business registration and reporting easier. In an effort to make it simpler and faster to start a business in Canada, governments across the country have together developed and launched a digital solution to improve business registration, saving businesses time and money.


Canada’s First Live Video Network to Offer Creators Fair Pay Launches on Canada Day, eh

ONVIVA is pleased to announce its Canadian-based live video network, which gives content creators the freedom to price, schedule and deliver live broadcasts to audiences of any size, any time, anywhere at




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