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One Degree Thursday November 12 2020

Apple unleashes M1

Apple today announced M1, the most powerful chip it has ever created and the first chip designed specifically for the Mac. M1 is optimized for Mac systems in which small size and power efficiency are critically important. As a system on a chip (SoC), M1 combines numerous powerful technologies into a single chip, and features a unified memory architecture for dramatically improved performance and efficiency.


How to Turn SEO Into a Measurable Revenue Generator

Are you tired of constantly defending your SEO budget to the C-suite?

On November 4, I moderated a Search Engine Journal webinar presented by Andreas Dzumla, CEO and Co-founder, Longtail UX.


Parler: What you need to know about the social media platform touting no censorship

A red logo sporting the letter P was the first time some had seen a mention of Parler, but it’s quickly entered the mainstream with a flood of people in the past week saying they’re leaving social media to all go meet on another app called Parler.


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