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One Degree Tuesday June 8 2021

Here’s what to expect at Apple’s WWDC this week

Revamped MacBooks. Updated iMessage features. An overhaul of the iPad operating system.

These are among the announcements Apple may make this week during its Worldwide Developer Conference, a multi-day event that kicks off Monday. The annual event is typically a chance for the tech company to introduce changes to the software used everyday by millions of people.


How To Capture ‘Hand-Raisers’ With Digital Content Marketing

In today’s online ecosystem, content marketing is critical. Original, high-quality and engaging content is one of the best ways to cultivate brand awareness, build trust, generate leads and position our organizations as industry authorities.


Canada’s border agency urgently developing biometric plans in response to COVID-19

Canada’s border agency has an “urgent need” to hire a global technology firm to help develop a biometric strategy in response to rapidly evolving issues including COVID-19.

The Canada Border Services Agency issued a notice of procurement Monday inviting 15 firms to submit proposals for immediately setting up an Office of Biometrics and Identity Management.


The retail technology space in a coronavirus hit world

May saw footfall levels improve across the UK’s high streets, retail parks and shopping centres, thanks to a further easing of Covid-19 restrictions, and a successful vaccination roll-out.


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