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One Degree Wednesday June 16 2021

You Can’t Escape the Attention Economy

Back in 2011, when Twitter was young, the artist and musician Leon Chang made a joke that you might remember even if you didn’t see it: “slept over at a kids house once in third grade. saw him pour milk into bowl first, then cereal. never talked to him again. hes in jail now.” Over the years, that joke has been stolen again and again, often retold with slightly different details. It still happens. Everyone tells it as if it happened to them—as if they really knew a kid with such a weird habit and were personally disturbed by it. This never really bothered Chang, one of the better-known and most beloved personalities in a scene called “Weird Twitter.” He knew that, by and large, people were ripping the tweet off just to impress a few hundred followers.


Netflix is producing a ‘fictionalized’ series about Spotify

Netflix has tapped the original story of one of the music industry’s biggest startup successes for a forthcoming untitled original series. The series will tell a “fictionalized account” of Spotify’s co-founders, including the service’s chief Daniel Ek.


How Content Can Drive Traffic and Sales

Content marketing is part of a broader digital marketing strategy which means it should be helping your site gain targeted traffic and conversions. Sadly, lots of businesses out there either neglect content strategy completely (and simply don’t create content) or, which is arguably worse, create content just for the sake of creating content: There’s no well-planned traffic or conversion generation plan behind publishing new content. This article will help you fix both: Here’s an overview of ways to use content to drive traffic and sales:


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