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One Degree Monday November 1 2021

Canadian Firm Meta Materials’ Shares Spike Over 25% Amid Facebook Rebranding As ‘Meta’

After Facebook revamps its parent company’s name to ‘Meta’, the traders were excited to invest in its shares on Thursday to make some profit, however, due to the similarity of names of Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta and Canadian materials company Meta Materials, they ended up rising the shares of the Canadian materials company.


Canada Mobile Payments Forecast 2021

Canadian mobile penetration and bank access have created a high-potential environment for both proximity and peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payments. But entrenched payment habits and monopolization have created a slow growth environment that will force providers to develop incentives, emphasize user experience (UX), and play up engagement among existing users to make the market a worthwhile growth play.


5 takeaways on digital innovation from Walmart’s top tech executive

From drone and autonomous vehicle deliveries to adding automated micro-fulfillment to dozens of stores, Walmart has a reputation for embracing digital innovation.


Content Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide For 2021

Content marketing helps you attract, engage, convert, and retain customers you may not reach otherwise. And it’s never been more popular—if you’re not doing it, chances are your competitors already are


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