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One Degree Wednesday February 9 2022

Daily Recap: Canada’s results at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Beijing Winter Olympics mark the third consecutive Olympics in Asia (South Korea, Japan, China)
Canadian delegation of 215 athletes – 117 first time Olympians, record 106 who identify as female


The way we watch sports is changing. Here’s what that means for the future of content

Think about how you plan to watch the Super Bowl this year. In college, I might have joined the crowd in front of the dorm TV to vie for a decent view, and likely missed half the game because of the typical group distractions. Now that I, like most of us, watch on a smart TV, I never have to worry about missing any of the action. I can simply hit rewind.


Canadian health-care workers write open letter in wake of protests

Canadian Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth has shared an open letter online, purportedly signed by health care workers
She urges Canadians to have health care workers’ backs and to ensure that hate does not win


What are Facebook Instant Articles and Should My Blog Use Them?

Facebook first released their Instant Articles feature back in 2015. The idea of Instant Articles was to meet the needs of publishers and news organizations. Instant Articles allows people to read an article within Facebook without losing the character of a content creator’s website, thereby offering the best of both worlds.


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