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One Degree Tuesday March 1 2022

How to avoid spreading misinformation about Ukraine

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine plays out in real-time on social media, it can be difficult to determine whether what we’re seeing is an accurate reflection of what is happening on the ground.


Apple News Local Coverage launches in Canada

Apple News has unveiled Local Coverage in Canada. The first two markets is Montreal and Toronto. If you search for these two cities in Apple News, you will find nothing but local news from media outlets such as CTV News, Toronto Star, La Presse, Narcity, and others.


HUAWEI opens first Canadian retail location in Toronto

HUAWEI has opened a new retail location in Canada Computers North York – for laptops, monitors, wearables, audio products, tablets and smart home devices.


Russia’s war on social media isn’t going well, either

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine unfolds, much of the world continues to watch via social media. In response, Russia has waged its own forces against major social media platforms and services in an attempt to control the narrative coming out of Ukraine.


It’s not just about knowing digital trends, it’s about taking action

With the digital landscape evolving at a rapid speed, marketers must not only stay alert to new digital trends but also take action. Gartner research predicts 12 major digital trends in 2022. Paul North looks at how it will become challenging for marketers to determine what digital trends to implement and prioritise.


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