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One Degree Monday March 21 2022

13 lessons in persuasion: conmen vs. marketing pros

Around 3.2 million people in the UK fall for mass marketed scams ever year – around one person in every fifteen. Swindles cost the public £3.5 billion every year.

Here’s how to tell when persuasion is coming from a con man or a marketing pro.


The Saturday Debate: Should the CBC lose all its advertising revenue?

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez should expand his mandate to remove advertising from CBC news and public affairs television programs and forbid commercial content on all of the broadcaster’s platforms.


5 Ways To Increase Your Small Business’ Digital Footprint

The world of online business and eCommerce has not been the same over the last few years, as consumers who were faced with lockdown restrictions and stay-at-home orders kept many…


Is Google’s domination of the internet finally over? Search me…

For seasoned users of the internet, the chronology of our era divides into two ages: BG and AG – before and after Google. The year 1998 marks the dividing line. Before then, as the web expanded exponentially, a host of “search engines” had attempted to provide searchable indexes to it.


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