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One Degree Tuesday March 22 2022

Trust in advertising lower in Canada than most markets

“From this research, we know only 59% of Canadians trust the advertising that reached them completely or somewhat – a lower percentage than other global markets,” says Paige Sontag, director of client strategy with Nielsen Canada. “Canadians most trust recommendations from people they know, emails they signed up for, editorial content (such as newspapers) and branded websites.”


B.C. TikTok star puts social media on hold to pursue soccer dream in Kamloops

Kyle Hansen from Burnaby, B.C., has more than a million followers on TikTok, but says he will step away from social media to play university-level soccer. Early this month, Hansen, 19, committed to join the WolfPack men’s soccer team at Thompson Rivers University (TRU). He will arrive in Kamloops on April 1.


Apple Should Make Home Wi-Fi Routers Again as Part of Mac Reboot

Apple’s new monitor isn’t getting off to a particularly strong start, but I still think the company should do more to bolster its Mac lineup—namely, selling Wi-Fi routers again. Also: a look at the iPhone 14’s chips and the iPhone SE’s secret feature.


7 Online Marketing Trends To Hop Onto This 2022

Marketing trends come and go as businesses attempt to use new technology and react to market changes. Attention-grabbing contents aren’t enough anymore as brands must then connect meaningfully with the target market. They must also establish a reliable source of information and maintain those connections.


The power of social media polls: deeply unhelpful or frivolous fun?

You could sometimes be forgiven for thinking that all social media platforms are slowly converging to become very similar indeed. If a feature becomes popular on TikTok, you can bet that an almost identical thing will soon appear — with a different name, naturally — on Instagram, Snapchat or both.


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