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One Degree Tuesday July 12 2022

Canada telecom execs summoned after wide service outage

The federal industry minister said Sunday he is summoning telecom executives following an outage at Rogers Communications Inc. that disrupted mobile and Internet services across Canada, hampering several crucial services.


Who do you trust to drive your company’s digital transformation?

As a provider of digital transformation services supporting smart growth, entrepreneurial accounting firm Crowe MacKay aims to build on the trust it’s earned serving western and northern Canada for more than a half century.


The metaverse promises to revolutionize advertising

The metaverse has its foot on the accelerator. On its scale, still limited to a few hundred thousand players, here is this immersive space populated by avatars and supposed to be the next stage of the mobile Internet… determined to pulverize the traditional advertising model. With the rise of this parallel universe, the advertising sector could say goodbye to classic campaigns, integrating the thirty-second spot, accompanied by messages on the radio, in the press, billboards, digital…


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