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One Degree Wednesday July 27 2022

Best practices for hybrid work

Over the past couple of years, many organizations have changed the rules around working from home versus being full-time at the workplace by combining both for the hybrid workplace.


Coca-Cola: The people-first story of a digital transformation

There is a widely reported war for talent across industries and sectors, with no slowdown in demand. McKinsey GIobal Institute research estimates that one in every 16 workers will need to transition to new roles by 2030—a 25 percent increase compared with prepandemic predictions—to support increased demand for all things digital.


ArriveCan app frustrates users, experts even after glitch fix

Calls to scrap the ArriveCan app continue from experts in medicine and technology as well as travellers, even after the federal government fixed a technical glitch that instructed some users to quarantine unnecessarily.


Destination Canada’s Innovate Canada Program Returns to Spotlight Groundbreaking Canadian Innovations across Ocean Science, Technology and Sustainability

Destination Canada is pleased to announce the return of Innovate Canada, a Destination Canada signature business event that highlights the groundbreaking work taking place across Canada’s leading innovation sectors to attract aligned international business events. Running from July 25-28 in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Innovate Canada 2022 will give international delegates the opportunity to explore Canada’s blue economy and global leadership in ocean sciences, including the people and facilities behind some of the most transformative sustainable technologies and solutions for ocean restoration and marine health.


Facebook for Small Business: 15 Tips for Success for Any Business

Do you own a small business that you’re trying to grow? For nearly all small businesses, a modern marketing strategy is essential. And part of a modern strategy should always be social media, especially because of its value for local SEO, relationship building, and word of mouth. However, especially when you start out, using all the major networks might not be practical. For many businesses, Facebook is the first choice.


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