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One Degree Tuesday July 26 2022

People get bored quickly’: how UK teens turned to social media for their news

In early March, military experts reported that Russian tanks were sporting handwritten “Z” symbols. The letter, thought to be a staunchly pro-war symbol of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, was soon spotted at Russian bus stops, a school, then on a Russian gymnast’s uniform during a World Cup event at Qatar. On 8 March, 18-year-old TikToker Matt Welland explained the symbol’s meaning and its significance to his 2.4 million subscribers, along with the caption “the ‘Z’ symbol is more terrifying than you think”.


15 Blog Writing Tips for Before, During, and After Writing Your Post

No matter what kind of blog you write, there’s little question that the idea of writing a blog from one month to the next can seem tedious. After all, many personal blogs begin with a desire to share ideas and interact with other people. People can also blog to promote their products and services, become an influencer, and even carry out affiliate marketing. Businesses blog as part of their content marketing initiatives. No matter your reason for blogging, though, it’s important to stay disciplined. Regular content posting is one of the best ways to grow subscribers, but it requires a consistent flow of ideas.


Online marketing must-haves: A checklist

With so many businesses to compete with and so much choice now available for consumers, online marketing has never been more tricky to master. However, if you can stick to this checklist of essentials, you can reap huge benefits and solidify your brand as an industry leader in no time!


Dispute over U.S. officers being armed in Canada keeps Nexus centres closed

A dispute over legal protections for American customs officers has kept Nexus enrolment centres closed in Canada more than three months after they reopened south of the border _ due in part to a clash over U.S. agents’ right to carry guns on Canadian soil.


Digital transformation: 8 guiding principles

Since COVID-19, the shift to remote work has influenced many organizations to invest in digital transformation initiatives at warp speed. With little to no time for strategic planning or preparation, the onset of the pandemic served as an accelerator for companies and CIOs to establish new business models that prioritize and deliver efficiency, flexibility, and speed.


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