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One Degree Monday August 15 2022

Nearly 1,000 people have been laid off in Vancouver’s tech sector so far this year

Vancouver is known as one of the premier tech hubs in North America, and while other parts of Canada and the world have also faced some layoffs, it has been an unfortunate year for many employees in the city.


Top 55 Social Media Trends in August

Notably, NFT displays are currently being considered by social media giant Snap Inc. NFT creators could upload their designs as Lenses (i.e., augmented reality filters) to the app under the in-development feature. It’s not surprising that Snapchat joined the NFT bandwagon, especially amid the increasing growth of the $40 billion NFT market.


Safety-Focused Dating Apps

UnFiltered is a newly launched dating app that aims to provide users with a safe space by prohibiting fake profiles, filters, and edited photos. To accomplish this, the app only allows users to upload recent images taken from its in-app camera, which has been designed to capture accurate and authentic images that can not be tampered with.


Canadian government plans public consultation on digital ID platform for public services

The Government of Canada is planning to launch public consultations on a digital ID framework for federal government services. The stakeholder engagement is part of a set of actions set out in a new strategy document.


Housing Market Crash: How to Make a Profit 

Canada faces a housing market crash. Home prices in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver have already started to moderate this year. According to some experts, prices could plunge much further by 2023.


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