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One Degree Tuesday September 20 2022

Queen’s funeral may break TV records, but ad blackout will cost media dearly

The death of the Queen and coverage of her funeral will top the ranks of the most-watched broadcasts in British television history, while newspaper publishers have seen an unprecedented boost in sales as mourners seek commemorative copies. And yet the biggest national event in decades will not provide a commercial bonanza for media firms.


How In-Game Advertising Will Become An Important Channel: Q&A With Viant’s Jon Schulz

With nearly 3 billion gamers worldwide, in-game advertising is becoming a valuable opportunity for marketers. This emerging channel is believed to be in the billions, but which brands will find in-game ads most effective in reaching a particular audience? How have in-game ads changed over time and will they lead brands into the potential metaverse?


Report: Artificial Intelligence Grows in Importance to Email Marketers

Some marketers are struggling to increase the return-on-investment (ROI) of their email marketing strategy. As a result, new research suggests that they will be turning to artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming months.


High-tech car theft hits B.C.: Crooks now using sophisticated technology to program their own key fobs, often in just minutes

One person, wearing a jacket with the hood pulled up, appeared to put a tool into the driver side door lock, wiggled it around and opened the door. The second person, also hooded, got into the SUV and drove off with it after about 20 minutes.


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