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One Degree Thursday October 27 2022

My body is too dangerous for social media — I’m ‘naturally perfect’

An Instagram model is claiming her body is “too dangerous” for the internet after experiencing backlash over her “naturally perfect” looks.


Coca-Cola plans to continue increased marketing spend

Coca-Cola topped revenue estimates thanks to strength in two key beverage segments, which the company said was helped by greater investments in its brands. The beverage giant is reporting a net income increase in of $2.83 billion USD in Q3, up from $2.47 billion a year earlier.


Digital transformation technologies (Article 4)

What technologies are central to implementing digital transformation? This article describes current and future technologies that enable digital transformation.

The previous article described applications that can offer significant benefits when implementing digital transformation. You can read it at this link.


Digital marketing campaign analysis: are you using all your channels?

While chiropractors are great at what they do, they sometimes aren’t great at marketing themselves and their businesses. In fact, if you’re a chiropractor, you may be looking at this and wondering, “What are all my channels?” Are you leveraging all your channels and taking advantage of digital marketing campaign analysis tools?


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