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\One Degree Monday November 7 2022

With Twitter in chaos, Mastodon is on fire

In the week since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the number of people signing up for a small social network called Mastodon has surged.


Canada is set to reveal its China strategy. For a sneak peek, look to Washington

Canada’s long-awaited strategy for dealing with China and the broader Indo-Pacific region might finally be released within days.


Twitter has ‘hit its peak’ as a social media platform


Canada Moves To Protect Financial Sector From Crypto ‘Challenges’

In Canada, the government is entering consultations with crypto industry stakeholders to address the digitalization of money, which it sees challenging democratic institutions around the world.


Vancouver saw the greatest high-tech job growth in North America

High-tech job growth has really taken off in a number of Canadian cities over the past couple of years, but it’s Vancouver and Toronto that currently dominate the scene. And not just in Canada.


Star Trek for potatoes: can a hi-tech farm save french fries from the climate crisis?

Against a backdrop of blue skies and autumn leaves that would make an Instagram filter blush, a group of agricultural postgraduate students at a New Brunswick farm are tinkering with technology they hope will one day help solve an existential crisis: how to save the world’s potatoes.


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