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AI and The Cluetrain

As someone who loves and follows The Cluetrain I was dabbling on ChatGPT and asking it some Cluetrain prompts. I do not get the hilarious responses I had hoped for and this is where AI leaves me cold. I love a good joke. AI is about as funny as an auditor.

And if you love The Cluetrain as I do, you love Doc Searles. (@dsearls) And seeing it is a beautiful day why not a light-hearted post? ChatGPT was not much help!

I assembled the following for you in case you have a Monday meeting and are stumped!

and of course!

Here is my Bullshit Blog Post

The Social Media E-commerce Paradigm

We need to Maximise the customer experience, driving engagement and bringing the brand alive!

Through jointly backward-structural programatic service sector and a particularly dual-exclusive transferable choice leadership we see innovatively upwards-large emerging level guideline with backwardly I/O-selectable simulated developer level.

This exclusively time-intensive logical channel context and alternatively intra-central interoperable interface of upwards-global proactive resource processing provides the following …Handshake

– e-enable compelling e-tailers
– strategize leading-edge eyeballs
– embrace world-class web-readiness
– envisioneer transparent portals
– productize web-enabled architectures

Thus, we establish interchangably intra-dressable exclusive content connection.

(You will notice I included some spiffy AI “Handshake and Globe” imagery … I threw in the “Winning the Race” as a value-add!)


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