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Weekly-Wrap Up

Canadian edition of Reader’s Digest magazine to cease activities next spring

The media crisis has claimed another victim in Reader’s Digest magazine. The news was announced Tuesday to employees of the publication’s French and English Canadian editions.


Harvard happiness expert’s ‘strict’ social media and news consumption policy that he recommends for everyone

Social media has become a central part of most of our lives, especially to get news in real time about everything from ongoing wars to frequent mass shootings. But Arthur C. Brooks, a professor at Harvard University and social scientist who studies happiness, thinks we should all use social media a lot less to improve our wellbeing.


Cyber spy agency warns foreign adversaries will ‘weaponize’ AI to influence next federal election

Canada’s cyber espionage agency is warning that bad actors are planning to use artificial intelligence tools to sway the next federal election — and it won’t be able to identify every deceptive deepfake video deployed.


LinkedIn Launches ‘Guide to Creating’ To Provide More Tips for Members

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