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Category: Mark Nicholson

New Year – a Prediction and Resolution Mashup

I asked some of our contributors if they wanted to share some predictions for 2011 and their New Year's Resolutions … Future-crystal-ball

From Mark Nicholson 

Social media – Quora will not live up to the early hype. 

Advertising – Facebook will introduce another advertising format option

Also – geo location advertising will make significant gains and mobile will continue to be faster growing area.

From Barb Sawyers

My predictions:

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Branding Online – How Big Brands Fail To Capitalize With SEO

The new marketing presents many opportunities and challenges for brands to get in front of customers, but many of them have yet to use the web to its full marketing potential.

While social media has been getting most of the attention recently, and online advertising is used to some extent, most brands have sidestepped one area that’s said to provide the best ROI either due to not understanding how it works or it’s enormous potential.