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What Google Earth and Google Video Download Pages Tell Us About Google

Google’s on a roll. Again.
Today they opened up “Google Earth”: as a free download. The screenshot above is from their “Google Earth download page”: and to me represents a really great focus on the non-technical user. (Click on the image to see it full size) Note how they simplified the tech requirements and put it in a context most users can understand – what kind of computer they have and how old it is. It’s worth looking at the whole page to see how they’ve set up _three_ download buttons that do exactly the same thing. The first is “I’m good. Download GoogleEarth.exe”, the second (after more traditional system requirements) says “I’m pretty sure I’m good. Download GoogleEarth.exe”. And finally, after getting to possible conflicts with video cards says “”I’m feeling lucky. Download googleearth.exe”. Very nice.

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Live 8.. A Marketing Opportunity?

Live 8, the “20 years later” version of the original Live Aid concerts in 1985, is set for this Saturday, July 2. I have four tickets and I am looking forward to the Barrie (Toronto) event. I know that the aim of this event is to focus awareness, and action, on global poverty and the upcoming G8 Summit in Scotland. Make Poverty History – do you remember seeing any of those TV commercials with actors and musicians snapping their fingers to signify how often somoeone in tne world dies due to poverty? – is getting lots of attention and co-branding with the Canadian event. Lots of companies are supporting Live 8 but why aren’t more of them using this as a better marketing tool…or to capture permission?