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One Week With Gordon And Frank – So Much To Learn

This whole “Gordon and Frank” thing is offering some really interesting insights into cross-channel marketing.
Not up-to-speed on the saga? Here’s a recap:
# Superbowl Sunday – See Bell Beaver ads tagged with “”: URL, wonder if they registered “”: They didn’t.
# Register the domain.
# Monday February 6th – write an “article for One Degree”: explaining why Bell probably should have bought the alternate domain and point at it.
# Read “the Marketing Magazine article”: _(sub. req.d)_ and realize this is a *huge* campaign that will go well beyond the Olympics.
# Wait for someone at “Bell”: or “Cossette”: to notice.
So, after one week, where were we:
* 6,618 pages served.
* 1,225 people clicked through to the real Bell site.
* 745 people got here by searching with words like Bell, Beavers, Frank, Gordon.
* “Bell Beavers” is the most common search term that gets people here.
* 34 people got here because of Norm MacDonald. A lot of them are angry.
* Then again, some people love the beavers so much they’re looking to buy Frank and Gordon plushies.
* The National Post’s Mark Evans “talks to”: “Frank and Gordon”.
* Still no word from Bell or Cossette.
Things we can learn from this exercise:

# Typo domains can drive real traffic. Don’t expect your customers to remember *exactly* what your URL is and help them in any way you can. In particular register variations on all your marketing domains.
# Think like your customers. Bell and Cossette might be on a first-name basis with Frank and Gordon but to many of them they are the “Bell Beavers”. Bell should be buying AdWords on that term to get people to the right site and similar terms should be part of their SEO strategy.
# Listen to the blogosphere. We’ve been talking about this for over a week now and “others”: “have”: “been”: “pointing”: “to us”: but Bell has yet to join the conversation.
# Check your logfiles. We sent over 1,000 people to the real site in the first week (over 1,600 as I write this). I have to think we’re the top non-Bell referrer but Bell doesn’t seem aware of this.
Frank and Gordon on Escalator
I love the idea of driving traffic from one channel to another and I commend Bell for doing that. I’m even growing fond of Gordon and Frank (the kids think Gordon – the one on the right – is WAY cooler than Frank). I also commend them for the overwhelming task that a unified all-company marketing platform must be to create.
But if we’re going to do this we have to do it so it really works for the customer and that will take more care in the future.
So dear One Degree reader, do you see any other lessons to be learned from our little experiment?


  1. June Macdonald
    June Macdonald February 15, 2006

    Could well be that Bell is aware of it, but the communication gatekeepers (PR and Legal) are editing any response so that it no longer sounds like a human. Hmmm…

  2. Melyssa Lipsey
    Melyssa Lipsey February 15, 2006

    Kudos to you One Degree!
    What a fantastic experiment. This is one I am going to talk about in web marketing class as a “worst practise” by Bell and Cossette.
    It is too bad that Cossette and Bell haven’t hired a decent web analytics person or are just too embarassed to admit that they made a huge mistake by not purchasing both domains…and the AdWords revenue that they are missing out on, talk about missed potential!
    C’mon people, Bell Beavers – amazing aliteration if you asked me!
    Thanks to One Degree for stepping up and redirecting traffic to the Bell site. You deserve a “bold” medal.
    These are important lessons for Web Marketers, thanks for the valuable insight.
    ….at last a lesson learned at someone else’s expense!

  3. A.
    A. February 17, 2006

    It is a great experiment. But my guess is that you might not be the only large referrer, and that Bell is picking up a monster amount of traffic right now.
    Our own website receives nearly the same amount of traffic as yours (*actually a bit less, about 5,000 per week). I only mentioned the G&F advertisement very briefly on Superbowl Sunday. Despite that very small reference, I’ve received tons of traffic from people seeking info about Gordon and Frank. Approximately 100-150 people per day. Probably around 200/day during the first week.
    Assuming that most of those same people are clicking on our link to Bell’s official website, my guess is that Bell is getting totally slammed with traffic with this campaign.
    Sooner or later, however, they’re bound to notice what you’ve done.
    (Or they’ve already noticed, and they’re just trying to decide how to handle it!)

  4. heather earl
    heather earl November 26, 2006

    I love Frank and Gordon..I want plushies… like the ones Blockbuster did a few years ago of the rabbit and hamster.. it worked for them –they had plushies.. I want Frank and Gordon on my bills, on my calling card…

  5. Chris
    Chris December 1, 2006

    Great Job again, very honorable to redirect the traffic. Really at the end of the day your not helping big Bell , you are helping the web lost consumer.
    Great work!!

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