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Month: April 2015

5 Ways Twitter Can Find You “The Job of Your Life"

You may have used twitter to get connected with your college mates. You may have spent hours on it, tweeting about your daily, notorious activities. Or, you might also have capitalized on its millions of tweets to get dissertation help and survive such a daunting task.

Regardless, what will you do now when you’ve completed your graduation? Would you still tweet about your notorious college life? Or, would you close it down to dedicate yourself finding a better employment? I’d suggest otherwise!

You may not know it yet, but Twitter can be used for job search as well. If it is used wisely, it can be a pretty powerful tool in your arsenal to get you “the job of your life”. So, believe it or not, Twitter has much more to offer to you than meets the eye!

It is, although, true that many have lost their job due to a single, thoughtless tweet. However, there are also many who have found impressive jobs that they could ever wish for. How did they do it? It isn’t a rocket science, but only a couple of considerations that can get you the job you desire.