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What you need to know Wednesday November 21, 2018

In Its Heyday, Mad Magazine Was a Lot More Than Silly Jokes

Mad Magazine is still hanging on. In April, it launched a reboot, jokingly calling it its “first issue.”
But in terms of cultural resonance and mass popularity, it’s largely lost its clout. At its apex in the early 1970s, Mad’s circulation surpassed 2 million. As of 2017, it was 140,000. As strange as it sounds, I believe the “usual gang of idiots” that produced Mad was performing a vital public service, teaching American adolescents that they shouldn’t believe everything they read in their textbooks or saw on TV.

Does Apple’s sales slump mean the firm has finally peaked?

At the start of October Apple was on top of the world. The company had hit a record-breaking valuation of $1tn (£770bn), just released its fastest – and most expensive – iPhone and its chief executive, Tim Cook, was hammering rival Facebook over yet another privacy scandal.

Sex-misconduct survey excludes vulnerable military members: Survivors’ group

A survivors’ group for those affected by sexual misconduct in the military says the voices of particularly vulnerable service members are being left out of a survey meant to see how prevalent inappropriate behaviour is in the ranks.
The survey is being conducted by Statistics Canada for the Canadian Forces and is the military’s most recent attempt to get a handle on how many service members have experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct over the previous 12 months.

Early data suggests no spike in pot-impaired driving after legalization: police

Canadian police have not seen a spike in cannabis-impaired driving one month since legalization, but there needs to be more awareness of laws around storing marijuana in vehicles and passengers smoking weed, law enforcement officials say.
The Canadian Press canvassed police forces and provincial and territorial Crowns across the country and while some said it was too early to provide data, others said initial numbers and anecdotal impressions suggest stoned driving isn’t on the rise.

Going Digital Does Not A Digital Enterprise Make

There’s no end to the optimism that digital brings to the business realm. At the same time, there’s no end to the confusion and dashed expectations, either. Sometimes, the transformation is clear cut. I have a friend and colleague who took the reigns of a small specialized publishing company a few years back, and has moved all functions — from content management to subscriptions — to cloud services, while taking full advantage of platforms such as podcasting and social media. But for larger organizations with countless investments, baked-in processes and under-trained workforces, things get muddy very quickly.


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