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OneDegree Daily – February 13, 2019

How the creators of ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ showed two sides to life online

“Everything is for sale on the internet.” Phil Johnston, the director/co-writer of the Oscar nominated Ralph Breaks the Internet, isn’t holding back. “From the pop-ups to the videos you watch, commerce is a part of… everything.”

Six years after the Oscar-winning success of Wreck-It Ralph, its creators delivered a full-blown satire in the shape of its sequel. Their target? The monetization of the web and its contrasting effects on two childlike video-game characters, best friends Ralph and Vanellope. In a bid to save Vanellope’s arcade racing game, the BFFs venture into the internet to buy a new steering wheel on eBay (where else?), only to lose their way in a sea of distractions. We’ve all been there.


Innovators: Are You a Challenger or a Defender?

Today’s most groundbreaking companies challenge established markets and competitors with innovations that dislocate and reinvent entire industries. These companies set new standards for customer experience, quality, functionality, and service, and incumbents must skillfully manage their business and customers in order to compete.


Facebook, Twitter Take Lion’s Share Of Canada’s Federal Ad Spending

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter now take in the lion’s share of federal advertising dollars, thanks to an ongoing increase in the use of digital advertising by government departments and agencies.

New figures show the federal government spent $39.2 million on advertising last year. Online ads made up two-thirds of this spending, and — for the first time ever — social media was the most-used digital-media platform, representing 43 per cent of digital ad spending.


How to Leverage Content Marketing Automation in 2019

As a content marketer, you know that there is a lot that goes into a successful content marketing strategy. You have to frequently create a variety of fresh, engaging content like videos, infographics, and articles for your website, social media accounts, and other websites on which you may publish content. It needs to be well researched and well written as well as informative and educational so that your audience will keep visiting you for more content.


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