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One Degree Wednesday July 22 2020

Work is something you achieve, not somewhere you go

When you hear the word work, what comes to mind? Is it an office or another type of work site? For many people, that’s the case. They equate the concept of work with being at a physical location.


Walmart Canada to Spend $3.5B on Technology and the Customer Experience

In addition to re-invented “smarter” stores, the investment will lead to a faster e-commerce experience, two new distribution centers to speed up the flow of products, an enhanced omni-experience and modern digital tools to ensure associates can best serve customers. It will also create hundreds of Canadian construction jobs and forge new partnerships with Canadian technology companies, according to the retailer.


More than half of the people on Earth now use social media

If you look around, it’s starting to feel like everyone is on social media these days – scrolling through TikTok videos, engaging with photos and stories on Instagram, carrying out conversations on Twitter or connecting with people on Facebook. It might not be everyone, but according to the latest Digital 2020 report from Hootsuite, and We Are Social, more than half the world’s population now uses social media.


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