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One Degree Thursday November 4 2021

Facebook to shut down face-recognition system, delete data

Facebook said it will shut down its face-recognition system and delete the faceprints of more than 1 billion people amid growing concerns about the technology and its misuse by governments, police and others.


Snapchat Adds New Certification Course to Help Build Expertize in Snap Ads

Snapchat has added a new certificate course in ad optimization to its Snap Focus education platform, providing another pathway to build your Snap ads expertise, and showcase your understanding of the platform in an official, recognized capacity.


Want to Retain Information Better? Try This Popular, 70-Year-Old Note-Taking Method

Anyone who has ever attended a keynote, lecture, or presentation of any kind knows how important it is to take good notes. How many times have you been at a presentation for work and afterward wished you had written down that key idea that you somehow can’t remember?


Microsoft launches Google Wave

Microsoft is bringing back Google Wave, the doomed real-time messaging and collaboration platform Google launched in 2009 and prematurely shuttered in 2010.


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