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One Degree Tuesday October 18 2022

Kanye West to buy rightwing social network Parler

Kanye West is buying the rightwing social network Parler for an undisclosed sum, the site has announced.


YouTube has ended the experiment that locked the ability to watch videos in 4K behind its $11.99 a month premium membership, according to one of its official Twitter accounts (via 9to5Google). Earlier this month, the company made waves when it confirmed with a series of now-deleted tweets that some of its users were part of a test meant to explore “the feature preferences Premium & non-Premium viewers,” and asking users to provide feedback on the idea.


Hockey Canada makes bylaw changes aimed at repairing tarnished reputation

Hockey Canada has changed the nomination process for its Board of Directors, saying it represents “tangible action” in response to calls for change at the governing body.


US teens have abandoned Facebook, Pew study says

Gen Z internet use is on the rise, but the rate at which teens use Facebook is rapidly declining. A Pew Research Center study on teens, technology and social media found that only 32% of U.S. teens aged 13-17 use Facebook at all, but in a previous survey from 2014-2015, that figure was 71%, beating out platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.


‘Mark Zuckerberg is telling us he doesn’t think he has a core business’: Meta Analyst

Facebook parent company Meta Platforms (META) stock is getting cooked as the technology company spends money manufacturing virtual reality hardware, generating awareness, and finding friends for a future in the metaverse.


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