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One Degree Daily … Friday, May 24, 2019

How to create happier employees

In recent years, many company leaders have embraced well-being and happiness initiatives as critical to both their employees’ satisfaction and the success of their organization. They have rolled out a variety of programs designed to encourage people to focus on wellness and avoid the harmful effects of stress. What may have at one time been perceived as a perk is quickly becoming a staple of corporate life.


How companies can adjust to avoid a ‘boomer bust’

For decades, baby boomers fueled Canada’s economic and corporate growth. But now, the generation is leaving the workforce—in droves. As they retire, what could follow is an economic slowdown, strains on healthcare and pension plans and a shrinkage in the labour force, experts say. To counteract these effects, Canadian employers need to find a way to retain their aging employees.


How to Measure and Improve Your Marketing ROI

The key to improving your marketing ROI is ongoing measurement of marketing results and adjustment to your marketing campaigns.


The Online Marketer’s Definitive Rulebook for Live Chat

Three years ago, WordStream started an online chat feature for prospective advertisers and agencies using our free tools on our website. I was new to the SaaS industry, and I was going to be working on a new initiative that our former CEO Ralph Folz was very excited about. All of a sudden, 23-year-old Justin had a great opportunity to prove himself.


5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is a Blessing for the Event and Entertainment Industry

The world population by the end of 2018 was reported to be 7.2 billion; where more than 1 billion were actively using Facebook, and around 700-800 million were present on Linked-in, Twitter, and Instagram, on a daily basis. The numbers denote an established fact, that the social media dynamics have changed drastically which has further unlocked gateways of new marketing opportunities for companies of every industry, be it health, entertainment, IT or education. How? The numbers are evidence of potential buyers/audience present online and are a means of facilitating the easiest target capturing strategies available for industries ready to explore and implement today.


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