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Month: January 2007

Podcasting Presents Itself – An AIMS Recap


Thursday’s AIMS event presented a crash course in Podcasting, dispelled myths on podcasting, and illustrated two successful Canadian cases of its employment.

Click to read a full review of the three presentations.


Mobilising Venture Capital At MobileMonday Toronto


MobileMonday Toronto – a mobile industry networking group – will be holding an open floor for mobile entrepreneurs on Monday February 5th, in an effort to pitch ideas to venture capital companies.

Attendees will be able to present ideas to an industry panel of experts, as well as hear presentations from:

  • Sean Wise – Principal, Wise Mentor Capital
  • Ted Anderson – Managing General Partner, Ventures West
  • Steven Bloom – Chief Financial Officer, Brightspark

Event Details

Date: February 5th, 2007

Location: Fort York Armory – 660 Fleet Street

Time: 6:30pm

Contact: 416-755-1727


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The Biggest Domain Name Myth

I hear it all the time. And it drives me nuts.
By “it” I am referring to the statement: “all the best domain names are taken.”
Not by a long shot.

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QotD – Social Networking Benefits

Today’s QotD comes from One Degree reader Jason Verwey, who asks you:

To which social networking sites are you an active member of, and what benefits have come out of it?


Web 2.0 Sites and Customer Silos

It appears like everyday a new Internet application arrives, reinventing the way we communicate with each other. For marketers, these advancements have allowed them to get one step closer to the Holy Grai…

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